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Let your passion drive your profession

I have been always been an avid watch collector! Even in my childhood, I would always look for pre-owned watches, a treat that was hard to come by often. So I have known how hard it can be to get your hands on your favourite watches even today. Like in my case, G-Shock has been my passion, but I find it really hard to obtain some unique Casio, G-Shock vintage model watches. When it comes to collecting unique watches, every ardent watch collector knows the struggle it takes to obtain quality budget watches, especially when you have considerably limited access to reliable sources.

Let your passion drive your profession


As they say, “Let your passion drive your profession.” Similarly, my struggle led me to turn my passion into my profession. For this purpose, I started searching and re-selling used G-Shock watches, something which would help people to find their favorite collectible vintage and retro watches just on a single click!


As I ventured into this field, I realized that there are innumerable websites that deal in high-end expensive brands like Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, TAG etcetera. However, when it comes to slightly low budget watches like Casio, Seiko, Citizen, Diesel, Paul Smith, ironically only a few online options are available.
About Us

Starting New Japan Deals

I started off New Japan Deals with the sole purpose of playing a constructive role by providing low budget pre-owned watches for online shop to the world-wide passionate watch lovers like myself. My endeavor is solely based on one purpose; making it easy for you people to get hold of these beauties as easily and conveniently as possible. In order to get my hands on these delicacies, I love to search online, move around into the flea markets, hand me down watch shops, recycling sites, and always keep an eye for special sales in retail shops. It is like a hunting adventure that never disappoints me! We aim to provide a vast range of watches at a very affordable price. By far, I have sold uncountable watches including other brand items and accessories such as purses, handbags, sunglasses, etc.

Last Words

As you must be aware of the fact that the new parts for most of these Vintage & Retro watches are not available nowadays, to resolve this problem, we are selling Junk watches to those who want to use the spare parts. We strive to make your experience in NewJapanDeals the best. Happy shopping at NewJapanDeals, for the suggestion, please contact us

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